Indicators Your Automobile Requires Gearbox Repairs

Your manual vehicle has an array of movable components that function to keep you in locomotion. If one of these components has been compromised, it is only a matter of time before other parts of your vehicle begin to suffer too. This is why it is crucial to identify any potential problems before they get a chance to become aggravated. However, some motorists are unaware of what to be wary about. Here are some indicators that your vehicle requires manual gearbox repairs.

Your manual transmission is not engaging

One of the stark signals that your manual gearbox is in need of repairs is when the transmission refuses to budge. You will notice this when you attempt to step down on the clutch but find that the gear is not shifting. This problem can occur with any gear and is not limited to changing to first gear. The most common cause for this problem is your gearbox is low on transmission fluid. However, you may also experience problems with engaging your transmission if you are making use of transmission fluid that is of the wrong viscosity. It is imperative to have a mechanic diagnose the cause because driving without being able to control shifting of your gears can prove your vehicle to be a danger on the roads.

You can smell transmission fluid when driving

Another sign to be wary of that would indicate impeding manual gearbox repairs is the smell of transmission fluid. Transmission fluid is supposed to burn cleanly. If you are catching whiffs of it in your vehicle, it could indicate that the transmission is becoming overheated when it is in use. This transmission fluid not only works to ensure that your gearbox is adequately lubricated, but it also functions to prevent your transmission from burning itself. Driving your vehicle in this state puts it at risk of permanently damaging your transmission system. Typically, burning transmission fluid is caused when you use dirty fluid. However, it is still prudent to have a mechanic assess the problem to determine if there is another reason why your transmission is overheating.

Your vehicle is emitting noises while in neutral

Generally, it is not unusual to hear noises from your vehicle when driving it, as most cars will have their own innate sounds that they make. However, it is not normal to hear sounds emanating from your vehicle when it is in neutral. In this instance, the noises typically indicate an underlying problem with your manual gearbox. Generally, the noises stem from mechanical wear and tear. This indicates the need of replacement of some parts in your manual gearbox such as the idler gear or bearings that are in disrepair.