Fitting a Car Service Into a Busy Day

If that little car service sticker in the window is giving you anxiety every time you look at it because you can't work out when you'll get the chance to get your car serviced then never fear. This is a common issue and more and more car service companies are coming up with services to help the super busy find a chance to get their car serviced. Here are some options. 

In driveway/at work services

There are a growing number of mobile mechanics and service people that come to you to do your service. This can include doing car services in the driveway for stay-at-home parents or in the car park service for busy workers to get their car serviced while they wait. This means that you don't need to make a seperate trip to get the car serviced and back again. These are not often available for particularly large services which require a lot of the engine to be removed to get parts inspected, but a large number of the service tasks can be done such as replacing oil, checking fluid levels, replacing belts and cleaning spark plugs. 

Car lending

Another service option can be to organise a car loan from the service company. Car companies that are associated with car yards often have demo or secondhand cars available for lending for the duration of the service. This can be particularly useful for people who have a lot of errands to run or for very long and complex services that may extend over several days. Let your car service company know if you'd' like a loan vehicles as these often need to be booked in advance. 

Bus services

For relatively quick services another good option can be to make use of a shuttle bus service. These services will often take the customers to a local central business district and/or the local shopping centre so that people can use the time to work or do some errand. The shuttles will also take the customers back  to the car service centre at a certain time to pick up the car. Ask the car service company if they offer this service and if so, what the time table is so that you can plan your day.  

There are a range of options for busy people to get their car services. It's much more time efficient to get your car regularly serviced than to have to a get poorly maintained car repaired later on.