How to Repair a Blown Fuse

Understanding how to complete auto-electrical repairs can help you fix your car without needing to take it into a shop and use money and time. Many car problems are the result of an electrical problem, and this article will walk you through how to fix a blown electrical fuse. When your electrical fuse blows, your headlights won't work. You know that both lightbulbs did not simply go out at the same time. This must be related to the fuses. Other problems such as radio or turn signals can also fail due to a fuse blowing.

Types of Fuses

Cars contain one of the three kinds of fuses. If your car was made before the 1980s, then you probably have a tube or ceramic style. If your car is more recent than that, you have the blade-style fuse. You should know what kind of fuses you have so that you can have a few spare fuses around at all times. Your car may provide a few. Locate the fuse boxes and check.

Finding the Fuse Box Inside Your Car

Finding the fuse box in your car might be a little tricky if you have never done so before because your car contains two fuse boxes. Sometimes the locations differ, but one is always in a compartment near where your left knee is when you are driving. The fuses inside the plastic box are normally marked clearly and should help show you where the fuse for the headlights is. You should be able to locate the fuse based on the diagram. If you have located the correct fuse, you should visually note that it is blown. If the fuse looks fine, then you may have the wrong one. Replace the fuse and search for another one or consider taking your car in for repairs.

Finding the Fuse Box Under the Hood

There is another fuse box under the hood. Its location varies a bit with the design of each car. However, this should be a plastic-looking box that you can open. Once again, you should see a diagram of the fuses present. You will do just what you did with the other box. You will locate the fuse that has blown and replace it with the correct fuse. Once you have closed the box and the hood, your lights should be working once again. If you have replaced the correct fuse, and the lights are still not working, then you may need a professional to help you.