Don't Overlook These Important Details When Buying a Used Commercial Truck

When buying a used commercial truck, you may need to take more time to inspect all the details of the vehicle than you would for a personal use car, as a commercial truck will typically be used to haul very heavy loads and may then suffer more wear and tear than any lightweight family sedan. Note a few important details you don't want to overlook, so you ensure you make the right choice for your used commercial truck.

Check the oil and transmission fluid

Checking the oil level is important but you want to also check the quality of the oil itself; if it seems old and burnt or has rust flecks and other such debris, this will tell you that the engine was probably not very well-maintained. The oil should seem new and without sediment, and shouldn't be so thick that it doesn't flow very well.

Check the transmission fluid for the same reasons; the fluid shouldn't be burnt or discoloured, or have rust and other flecks in it. However, since transmission fluid doesn't burn away as does oil, this fluid level is very important to check. If it's low at all, this often means there is a leak in the transmission lines that will eventually need repair; this can also mean that the transmission has suffered excessive wear and tear, as it probably hasn't been getting enough fluid to move its chains and gears with corrosion and abrasion.

Look for structural rust

Surface rust on a vehicle's body may not be an issue, as this can often be sanded down if necessary and doesn't necessarily interfere with how the vehicle operates or its expected lifespan. However, rust along the frame of the truck can mean that the frame is weakened and hasn't held up against towing and hauling heavy loads. This weakened frame can put more wear and tear on the axles and transmission, as they work harder to balance that load and may absorb more impact during stops and starts.

Rust on parts and components that hold pieces together, such as tie rods and struts, can also mean more wear and tear on the truck over the years. If parts like these are rusted, the systems to which they're connected, such as the steering and transmission, will also work harder and, in turn, will wear out quicker. Those rusted parts are also more likely to break sooner rather than later. Look for rust on these important components and not just the vehicle's body when checking a used commercial truck before purchasing.

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