How to Choose the Best Driving School for Yourself

If you never learned to drive as a teenager, it can be good to choose a driving school for training rather than asking a friend for informal lessons. While your friend can be helpful in some ways when it comes to learning to drive, an actual course given by a professional instructor can include safety tips and techniques your friend might overlook, and can ensure you pass the test needed to get your license. Note a few features to look for when choosing a driving school for yourself, so you know you get the best school for your needs.

Check the instruction behind the wheel

If the training behind the wheel is very limited, this isn't a good sign. The time spent one-on-one with an instructor, actually behind the wheel, is going to be very valuable in learning proper driving techniques. There are only so many situations you'll face when on the road that you can learn about in a book, and classroom learning won't measure your reaction times or how well you actually control the vehicle. An instructor can also note challenges you have personally with driving, such as neglecting to thoroughly check traffic around you or the tendency to speed, and these habits can be corrected.

Along with the actual time spent behind the wheel, note the route taken, if possible. It should include a variety of settings, including city driving with stop-and-go traffic, instruction for parallel parking, and highways with higher speed limits.

Look for emergency driving training

Will the course teach you how to handle an oncoming collision, skidding, and mechanical failures? These may be good subjects to learn after you've covered the basics, as it can be very helpful and keep you safe when on the road if you've gotten actual training for these situations. You may even qualify for an insurance discount if you take this training, so ask your insurance representative about this when signing up for the course.

Look for supplemental training

A course that covers the basics of driving is good for many people, but you may want to invest in something that goes beyond those basics. This might include subjects such as reading a map, what "driving under the influence" means and other such laws about driving safely, basic car maintenance, and insurance coverage options and what they include. This can make you a more responsible and capable car owner, something you may appreciate if you're just starting out with driving as an adult.