First-Time Buyers: The Best Guideline to Buying a Side Tipper for Construction Projects

Today, lean production is the in-thing when handling commercial activities. The aim is to generate as much revenue as possible while incurring the least possible costs. Business strategies like mechanisation and faster delivery times must be applied if you are looking to optimise revenues and reduce costs. With a side tipper, you will be able to mechanise unloading of cargo and ensure faster cycle times in your construction site. This is only possible if you choose the best type of side tipper for your work. On that note, here is a guideline that will take you through on what you should look out for when buying a side tipper:

The Material Used to Make the Tipper

The material used to build the side tipper is one of the most important considerations. Since you will be using it for construction purposes, the tipper will be carrying different materials ranging from ballast, stones and cementitious products. You need a strongly built truck that can stand up to corrosion, brute force and weight of the materials being transported. For dense materials like stones and ballast, reinforced steel is the best material. It is also suitable for loads with lots of moisture because steel can stand up well to corrosion. On the other hand, you can go for an aluminium side tipper if you just need to transport light loads.

The Capacity of the Tipper

A good tipper should cut down your cycle times while still delivering the amount of load that you need. Capacity basically deals with how much you can carry without stretching the truck to its limit. You must strike a balance between weight and volume. If most of the transportation work involves carrying sand, soil and other landscaping materials, your choice of truck should be focused on volume rather than weight. When choosing a truck for such purposes, go for one with extensible sides to enable you adjust the volume according to your specific needs. Spreading the load over a large area on the truck reduces the total weight and pressure imparted on the road and surfaces.

The Unloading Options

Write down all the emptying needs on your site and consult your truck vendor on the best tipping alternative. A bowl side tipper has a pivot to anchor the truck bed as it tips over to empty the material. It is ideal for emptying loads when the truck is on elevated ground. Alternatively, a door side tipper comes with a door that glides open as the truck bed tips over. It works well when unloading material on flat ground.