Top Factors Worth Considering When You're Choosing New Car Tyres

Fitting the right tyres on your car is utterly important, as it impacts driving safety and car performance. Before jumping into purchasing a set of new tyres for your car, there are many crucial factors worthy of consideration, including the following:

Tyre size

If you're going to buy new tyres for your car, knowing the correct tyre size is a must. You can find information of the exact size of tyres required by checking the code indicated on the sidewalls of the tyres. Usually, these intricate looking codes will provide information on various tyre dimensions, such as the aspect ratio, section width, rim diameter, construction type and load index/rating. Deciphering these terms will help you select the correct tyre size for your vehicle.

Driving speed

Some cars are built to attain normal speeds, while others are built for speed. It, therefore, follows that all tyres do not have equal speed rating. If you drive a sports car, for example, you will require tyres that have a higher speed rating so as to ensure better handling of the vehicle while you are travelling at high speeds. As with the load carrying capacity, see to it that the speed ratings of your new tyres match that of the original tyres.

Climatic conditions

Did you know that considering the climate in your local area is critical when you are choosing new car tyres? Yes, there are winter, summer and all-season tyres, all designed to suit the various types of weather experienced in different areas. Winter tyres are designed and built to have a greater tread depth so as to provide better grip on the wet and often slippery road surfaces during the winter season. Winter tyres are an inappropriate fit for summer weather, and vice versa. All-season tyres are an ideal choice for virtually any weather conditions.

Tyre cost

As with any other purchase, the price of tyres can impact the type of products you choose. Generally speaking, premium-quality tyres come with high price tags, but they are often offer better mileage. Low-cost tyres, on the other hand, are cheap to buy, but they may not last for long. 

That said, you should do your research. Consider reading any information concerning the quality of the tyre as well as its longevity. This way, you can strike a good balance between the price of the tyres and the quality (and longevity) of the tyres.