What You Need to Consider When Buying a Used Vehicle in Australia for the First Time

Many people choose to emigrate because they're looking for more space and more adventure. This is certainly something that you can find in abundance in Australia, as there seems to be a great distance between every town or city and something new to be discovered around every corner. Of course, you have to take into account your transportation and quickly come to realise that you need a car for almost every activity. What do you need to know about buying a car here?

The First Place to Look

If you're looking for a bargain (and who isn't these days), then you can often find a good value vehicle from a private advert online or in the newspaper. Many people here are looking to sell quite quickly and may be motivated, so you can certainly save money, but you need to be careful what you choose.

Checking Past History

Find out the history of the vehicle and see how long the current owner has used it. Was it in good condition when they first got it and have they maintained it carefully during their ownership? Due to the size of the country and distance between settlements, it's not unusual for a lot of kilometres to be put on to the odometer in a short amount of time.

The All-Important "Rego"

One of the main things you need to consider is the roadworthiness. There are many different rules when it comes to this complex subject that can vary from state to state. However, you cannot drive a vehicle in this country unless you have a registration, which is also known as "rego" for short.

You may find that the state that you're now residing in requires this roadworthy certificate (and its associated test) each and every year, but other states may not have a similar requirement. Much will depend where the vehicle you are looking at originated. Be ready to take your car for an inspection in order to get this essential document, or you may run into problems with the authorities otherwise.

Other Things to Think About

Finally, don't forget to collect the registration slip from the previous owner and submit it to the nearest motor vehicle registry. Sometimes, a vehicle will come with several months of registration left before you need to pay to renew. Otherwise, you have to budget for this in addition to the purchase price of the vehicle, or you won't be able to get a valid title. Be wary about buying a car that's registered in another state, and consider that you may have to pay for new licence plates and owner transfer documents.