Guide to Importing a Car to Australia

If you've never imported a car to Australia, then you should know that the process is not as simple and straightforward as you might think. There are a number of things you'll need to do, with the most significant one being acquiring a vehicle import approval. If you intend to go about the process by yourself, here's a rundown of what you ought to know before you can get started.

Checking for Eligibility 

Before you can embark on the process of obtaining a vehicle import approval, the first and most important step that you will need to take is to find out if the car you plan to import is allowed to enter Australia. You can do this by researching the import options available for Australian vehicle importers. If the car you want to import to Australia is ineligible to enter the country, you will have to end your car importation process, as continuing with the process would be illegal according to the laws of the land. But if the car falls into a category of vehicles that is eligible for import into the country, you can get on with the process. 

Making the Application 

Once you've established that the car you intend to bring into Australia eligible for import, the next stage is to make an application for vehicle import approval. The application process would involve finding out what documentation is needed and how much application fee should be paid. All the necessary paperwork will need to be completed in an accurate manner and submitted to the relevant government agencies and department for review, along with the necessary payments. All applicants must be sure to submit their applications using the specified channels. 

Getting Approval

If your car importation request is successful (has been accepted), you will receive a vehicle import approval from the relevant government department. Issuance of the approval is a go-ahead for you to continue with importation of the car you want to ship to Australia. As an applicant, however, you may need to consent to any stipulated conditions regarding the use of the vehicle. And, you will also be expected to obey the decision of the government department if your application is rejected for whatever reasons.

While you can undertake the car import process by yourself, you should be aware that the risk of greenhorn car importers making costly blunders during the process is quite high. That's why you should consider enlisting the service of an experienced vehicle import agent to manage the entire process on your behalf.